Will iron rust? Is so, how do I prevent it?

Wrought iron railings and fences are beautiful. Many homeowners are selecting wrought iron for their homes, but will iron rust? Rust can happen quickly with if your wrought iron is damaged, chipped and is exposed to the elements of the weather. There is good news if your wrought iron happens to rust, it can be quickly repaired. If the outer layer of wrought iron rusts it doesn’t eat inwards to the metal. The rust can be removed by using soapy water and a scrub sponge. To prevent the wrought iron from rusting you should do regular cleaning on the iron to remove any outer rust.

Artistic Ornamental Iron sells only the finest wrought iron products. Our products come with an amazing three year warranty. They also have a rust protection. We fully weld all of our wrought iron, then we acid wash the iron. This is followed by applying a coat of galvanized compound zinc that prevents rust and  three coats of paint.

We have over two decades of wrought iron experience, so we can provide the best  products for our customers that won’t break or rust.Artistic Ornamental Iron is the only company to choose for all of your wrought iron products. We customize our wrought iron to meet our customers’ needs and designs. Contact us today and let us discuss our wrought iron products that comes with a three year warranty and a rust protection application. For more information on our iron services, click here!

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