464730167Artistic Ornamental Iron is your custom iron works for anything that can be hand crafted from steel.  With over 20 years of experience, we have turned our wrought iron dream into a reality for the third generation running.  We are family owned and operated, and seriously dedicated to our customers.  As a family team, Keith and Chelsey Rains are focused on providing quality wrought iron products that are all handmade and completely personal to each customer.  We provide several products from wrought iron gates and fence, to railings, spiral staircases, and much more, creating exterior, as well as interior products.  We can design your project for you, or build them from your own ideas.

With Artistic Ornamental Iron, your imagination is the only limitation!

productphotos_18_190272909All of our products get the highest quality finish available.  Everything is fully welded, and later a fine grind of all welds and surfaces for a smooth finish of bare metal.  First the product is acid washed to remove any debris or oil, then dried fully followed by one coat of galvanized compound zinc for rust protection, which is then finished with three coats of paint.  The product is baked in an oven creating a beautifully smooth, durable powder coat finish! Artistic Ornamental Iron is a family business.  We have over 20 years experience in fabrication of wrought iron products.  Working with wrought iron is a trade that has been passed down in our family — it is our passion.

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