Wrought Iron Doors Add Security and Style to Your Home

Did you know that adding a wrought iron entry door to your home is one of the top five improvements that add value to your property? Not only is an iron entry door a beautiful addition to your home’s curb appeal, it also adds a valuable layer of security.

Security Features of Iron Doors

Whether its highly decorative or purely functional, a wrought iron entry door prevents burglars from gaining access to your home. We often incorporate wrought iron into glass doors to prevent burglars from simply shattering the glass to gain entry.

Artistic Ornamental Iron fabricates iron entry doors with security in mind. We use high-quality materials made in the United States, including 14-gauge steel and solid ½-inch, hand-forged steel scrolls. During installation, we use durable, secure hardware and sturdy locks.

Iron Doors Add Style and Sophistication

Take a look through our gallery of iron doors, and you’ll notice many of our iron doors are installed on older homes. Iron doors used to be a feature of many homes, and we enjoy bringing this style back to older structures. Wrought iron is an especially handsome choice for homes with brick, stone, or stucco exteriors.

The design of your iron door is only limited to your imagination. While we often incorporate glass or wooden elements into our entry doors, wrought iron is sturdy and beautiful enough to stand on its own, too. Together, we can create a design that complements your home’s Tudor style, Tuscan feel, or modern flair.

Consider Using Iron Doors to Protect Interior Rooms, Too

Iron doors make a great addition to interior of your home, too. Use an iron door to lock up the collection of wine in your wine cellar. Or, install a door to separate one area of your home from another without sacrificing light, air flow, and sightlines. Wrought iron half doors can keep pets—and kids!—safely in place or prevent them from going upstairs or downstairs.

Check out our gallery for inspiration for your iron door or other wrought iron project. The craftsmen at Artistic Ornamental Iron look forward to dreaming and designing with you. Contact us today to get started on your next project.


Artistic Ornamental Iron Projects to Inspire Your 2019 Landscaping

Getting a bit of the winter blahs? Artistic Ornamental Iron believes there’s no better cure for cabin fever than planning your spring and summer landscaping projects. What are your hopes and dreams for your property this year?

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your 2019 landscaping projects, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a look at some of our favorite projects featuring our ornamental wrought iron. Want to see more? Follow us on Facebook!

Enhancing an Already Beautiful Property

What do you do to improve a property that’s already bursting with curb appeal? Install ornate wrought iron railings with a custom finish, of course! We had the opportunity to add the finishing touch to a customer’s home last July. The railings tie into the home’s architecture perfectly while safely leading guests up the front steps or to a secluded backyard patio.

Improving Privacy, Safety, and Beauty

We had the chance to install this beautiful, custom wrought iron driveway gate last September before the cooler weather set in. It took just a few days to fabricate and install the gate. The solid bottom of the gate adds privacy while its solid construction and automated lock mechanism protects our customer’s property from unknown visitors. We loved our customer’s idea for the monogrammed medallion in the center, too!

Revealing Lake Views from a Favorite Deck

Builder-grade balusters can ruin the view even when they’re attached to a home designed to take full advantage of the lakefront. We had the privilege of helping a customer keep their deck guests safe while making it easier to enjoy the lake views. Our custom wrought iron balusters improve the look of their home without obstructing the lake.

Adding Beauty without Breaking the Bank

We often work on large-scale projects, but some of our favorites are small, affordable jobs that add beauty to a garden or front stoop. Here’s a bird bath we created for a nature-loving customer’s garden. A custom wrought iron stand supports a colorful terracotta and tile basin.

Updating a Tudor Home’s Stoop

We love any opportunity to incorporate modern design into the architecture of an older home. These prairie style wrought iron exterior railings tie in nicely with the stucco exterior of our customer’s urban abode. The custom finish on the railings match the dark trim of the home, while the teal door adds a pop of color.

Dreaming of the day when you can break ground on your 2019 landscaping projects? We’d love the opportunity to dream with you! Contact us today to get started on your wrought iron project.

5 Reasons to Replace Your Old Wood Fence with Wrought Iron

You bought your dream house in Wayzata and you are excited about nearly every inch of it…except for the fencing around the property. Currently, an old wood fence surrounds the home, but it is rotting and falling apart. After you unpack and settle into your new digs, the first order of business will be to replace that fence.

You could replace it with another wood fence, chain link or wrought iron. Which option is the best? Let’s explore.


The Twin Cities climate is not a friend to wood fencing, and that’s probably one reason why the current fence looks like it’s rotting. Replacing it with wood probably doesn’t make the most sense.

Wrought iron fencing, on the other hand, is not impacting by our weather the way wood – or even chain link – fences are. Snow and rain won’t affect the material and cause it to lose its strength or durability.


Wood fences require lots of upkeep. Along with the weather, wood attracts pests, which also can affect its structural integrity. Many homeowners either paint or repaint their wood fences as a way to protect it from the sun, snow and rain, or they end up having to replace the posts due to the same elements.

The maintenance required with wrought iron fencing is pretty minimal and you won’t have to worry about replacing any posts. The only upkeep you may need to do is paint it every few years to protect it from rusting, but that’s small price to pay.


Let’s face it – anyone can hop over a chain-link fence. And wood fences aren’t that difficult to breach, either. Wrought iron fences, on the other hand, are as secure as they come.  They are hard to scale, and the spacing between each post is narrow enough to keep anyone – including children – from sneaking through.


Not all fences are created equally when it comes to their looks. The great thing about wrought iron fences is that they not only add beauty, but also they add sophistication to your property.

Whether you want a look that is ornate, modern or something in between, you have plenty of options with wrought iron, and chances are you’ll end up with a look that is impossible to capture with any other material.

Increased value

The look, security and durability that a wrought iron fence provides will increase the value of your property. People will drive by with envy when they see your fence, and when the time comes to sell your home, the wrought iron fence will be asset to your property.

Contact us today to learn even more about your options with wrought iron fencing!



You Still Have Time to Design and Install Iron Fencing This Fall

Fall has just arrived in the Twin Cities metro area. The leaves are starting to turn on the sugar maples, and your neighbor is in the middle of fall clean-up. If you hope to add iron fencing to your property this fall, you still have time to design and install it before the ground freezes.

Here’s a look at the Artistic Ornamental Iron process, from the design of your iron fencing to its final installation. From simple, six-foot fencing around your pool to ornate fencing with multiple gates that traces the perimeter of your property, we work with you every step of the way.

  1. We’ll Meet to Discuss Your Iron Fence’s Design

The first step in our process is to meet with you at your property to understand your vision for your iron fencing. We’ll get a sense of your home’s aesthetic, landscaping, and the scale of the project.

Together, we’ll talk through the style and function of your iron fence. Here are a few of the questions we might ask:

  • Will your fence need to keep your children safely playing in your yard?
  • Will you need it to stop your large dog from jumping into the neighbor’s yard?
  • Will your fence prevent young children from wandering into a pool, pond, or other hazard?
  • How many gates will you need?
  • What iron fence style do you prefer?
  1. Artistic Ornamental Iron Will Schedule Measurements and Surveys

Once we have a general idea of the scope of your project, our team will take specific measurements of your property. We will also arrange for a survey company to mark your property boundaries, underground utilities, and other hidden hazards.

During this visit, our fabrication experts will make note of existing landscaping, such as trees and garden beds, as well as any changes to elevation that exist on your property. Our experts will also consult with you about the specific placement of any gates you require. You’ll approve our design and measurements, and we’ll schedule your installation.

  1. Our Custom Iron Design Experts Get to Work

This is when design becomes reality. Once you’ve approved the design and measurements of your iron fence, we get to work fabricating it. At our shop, we’ll add a coat of galvanized zinc to protect every surface of your iron fence from rust. Then, we’ll apply three coats of powder finish to extend the life of your iron fence.

  1. Our Expert Team Installs Your Iron Fence

Our installation team will make two trips to your home to install your fence. You do not need to be home for us to complete the installation as long as we have access to an outdoor water spigot to mix concrete during the first trip. On the first day, we’ll dig post holes, fill them with concrete, and set the posts of your fence.

After waiting three to five days for the concrete to set, our installation team will come to your home to complete the installation of your iron fencing. Our team will install your fence’s pickets, rails, and gates. Once everything is in place, we’ll walk the entire perimeter of the fence with you for your final inspection. After that, you’re free to enjoy your iron fence for years to come.

There’s still time to install an iron fence at your property this fall. Get your project started today. Contact Artistic Ornamental Iron to schedule your design meeting.

3 Tips for Upgrading Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Whether you’re selling your home or plan to stay for decades, your home’s landscaping and iron fencing should be attractive and safe. An inviting front yard and entryway welcome guests up from the street and into your home. And if you’re selling, your home’s curb appeal can make or break a buyer’s decision to even tour it.

Landscape architects help homeowners upgrade their home’s curb appeal for safety, beauty, and enjoyment. Often, Artistic Ornamental Iron is pulled into landscaping projects to provide custom iron fencing, gates, deck railings, and front doors. Here are three tips we’ve learned that can help you make the most of your home’s front yard, straight from the pros.

  1. Balance Plants with Hardscape Features.

When most people think of landscaping, they imagine flowers, lawns, and hours spent weeding and mowing. But there’s more to great curb appeal than a pop of color and a carpet of grass. Hardscaping includes all the foundational features that give structure to your plantings. Driveways, walkways, patios, retaining walls, fencing, fountains, outdoor kitchens, and even decks are all considered essential components of great curb appeal.

Hardscaping anchors the planting design and makes your yard safe and accessible. It provides balance and a transition between the structure of your home and the green space of your yard. Custom-designed wrought iron fencing and gates can give definition to your property’s boundaries and keep kids and pets safe.

  1. Light the Way.

We love the long days of a Minnesota summer. But sadly, we’ll lose daylight steadily through the fall. To upgrade your curb appeal and the safety of your property, consider adding lighting to your walkways and entryway. Lighting adds warmth and dimension to your yard throughout the evening and allows guests to find their way to your door in the dark. You can even use lighting to feature a tree, shrub, or other planting.

Lighting is also a great complement to the dark beauty of custom wrought iron railings and front doors. Not only does lighting help your guests find your porch railing, the warmth from the light balances out the look and texture of the hard iron surface.

  1. Think Seasonal (Yes, Winter, Too).

Homes with great curb appeal welcome you home all year long. If your garden beds or full of annuals, or if your front yard is just grass, it looks barren during the winter months. Trees, shrubs, and ornamental grasses all provide great interest during winter. Landscape architects always design with all four seasons in mind.

Our iron fencing and railings look handsome against a snowy landscape (and a green one, too!). They also provide safety for guests navigating icy walkways and porches. You can check out how our custom iron projects look in all seasons in our gallery.

Late summer is a great time to upgrade your home’s curb appeal. Artistic Ornamental Iron can help your home stand out from its neighbors and provide safety and beauty for your family to enjoy. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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Last month, we shared the stories of several happy customers in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area who were generous enough to share their experience working with Artistic Ornamental Iron. We’re grateful for every homeowner we’ve worked with over the years. From a simple iron fence to intricate iron railings and doors, we do our best to deliver a beautiful, durable product you’ll enjoy for years to come.

If you’ve recently worked with us or even if it’s been awhile, we’d love to hear from you! We have an extensive portfolio of our work on our website, but we’re always looking to expand our project gallery and share your experience working with us with new homeowners.

Grow the Love with a Google Review

Google reviews are an important part of our business. While we receive many new opportunities through word-of-mouth, the internet is the place where most homeowners start their hunt for a custom wrought iron artist. We’re finding that Google reviews are increasingly important to homeowners.

That’s where you come in! We can’t leave ourselves reviews that sing our praises, but you can. We’d would greatly appreciate your review and 5-star rating. It just takes a moment and helps us get our name out there in cyberspace.

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Thank you in advance for helping Artistic Ornamental Iron reach other homeowners in Minnesota. We appreciate your support and hope you’re continuing to enjoy the custom wrought iron we created just for you. Have questions or an idea for a new project? Contact Artistic Ornamental Iron today.

Thank You, Artistic Ornamental Iron Customers!

We love hearing from our customers about how much they’re enjoying their custom-designed iron fencing, railings, and doors. Your feedback helps us know that we’re delivering exceptional service and an exceptional product you’ll enjoy for years. Here’s a look at what Artistic Ornamental Iron customers say about our work.

From the Artistic Ornamental Iron Website

“We were extremely impressed with Keith’s enthusiastic attitude and professionalism. His talent and attention to detail was clearly evident. We were also impressed with the short time frame required for the entire process. From our first meeting, through the installation, we were very pleased. We couldn’t be happier with our spiral stairway and would strongly recommend Keith for any project.” Steve and Billie Caouette, Pequot Lakes, MN

Thanks Steve and Billie!

“We recently finished an addition to our home and hired Artistic Ornamental Iron to fabricate railings for our front porch. Keith was very easy to work with and we were impressed with some railings that friends of ours had purchased from him. After meeting with Keith and Chelsey to discuss our desired style, we realized how personal and friendly they both are. We told them to go ahead with the fabrication and within two weeks our railings were done and installed. Keith had installed them while we were at work and we couldn’t have been happier. The railings are more beautiful than we imagined—they look amazing.” Les and Jen, Elk River, MN

Thanks Les and Jen!

From the Artistic Ornamental Iron Facebook Page

We’re grateful for the reviews on our Facebook page, too! We hope to continue our track record of perfect 5-star reviews. If you’ve worked with us, please leave us a review on Facebook.

Here’s what Amy Liu had to say about working with us: “Beautiful iron doors with high level quality from Artistic Ornamental Iron, LLC.” Thanks Amy!

From the Artistic Ornamental Iron Google and Houzz Profiles

You can find Artistic Ornamental Iron on Google and Houzz, too! Thank you to our customers who have left reviews for us on these platforms.

“We had custom iron handrails made for our home and we just love them!!! Awesome people and great quality work! Highly recommend.” Christine Jeudes, via Google

Thanks Christine!

“We were completely impressed with the quality of workmanship and level of detail that they put into the project as well as the fact that they hit deadlines every time. I will definitely be hiring them again and would strongly recommend that you do, too, if you are looking for a company to do any type of metal railing, whether it is interior or exterior. This was a very complicated project with a tight timeline and they exceeded expectations!” Scott Loehrer, GreenWood Design Build, LLC, via Houzz

Thanks Scott!

If you’ve worked with Artistic Ornamental Iron, thank you! We are grateful for the opportunity to work with you. If you’d like, we invite you to review us on Google, Houzz, or on Facebook. We look forward to hearing how we did!

To learn more about what we can design for your home, contact Artistic Ornamental Iron today

From Builder Grade to Custom Made: Upgrade to Wrought Iron Balusters

There’s a building boom happening in the Twin Cities metro area. Builders in the northwest metro are especially busy. New homeowners have a lot of design decisions to make when they purchase new construction. Should they go with builder-grade fixtures and finishes or upgrade to something finer?

Whether you’re buying new this year or bought new several years ago, chances are you’d like to upgrade builder grade fixtures to something that suits your style and personality. One often overlooked option for upgrading your home’s finishes are iron balusters.

Iron Balusters Take Your Home’s Style to a New Level

The balusters on your staircase or loft keep your family safe, but they don’t offer much in terms of style. Builders often go with what’s simplest, the most cost effective, and the most likely to appeal to a wide range of buyers. Builder-grade balusters you get are usually wooden, thin, and simple. If you’re lucky, they’ll be stained, but often, they’re simply painted.

Iron balusters can transform the look of your staircase and loft area. Artistic Ornamental Iron will work with you to custom-design balusters that fit the style of your home and your family’s personality. We’ve created high-ornamental balusters for Spanish-inspired homes and sleek, modern designs for contemporary properties. We can even add a bit of whimsy if your tastes are more eccentric.


Working with Artistic Ornamental Iron

Once you’ve approved our final designs, our wrought iron artisans will get to work on your iron balusters. We only use high-quality, American-made steel and local suppliers. Upon completion, we can ship the balusters directly to you for self-installation. Or, you can rely on our insured and bonded experts to install your balusters for you.

Whether you’ve been in your home for years or currently shopping for new construction, it’s a great time to consider upgrading your builder-grade finishes to beautiful, safe, and durable wrought iron. Trust the Artistic Ornamental Iron artisans to design, build, and install iron balusters that fit your tastes and keep your family safe. Contact us today to get started on your project.

Iron Doors Provide Safety and Curb Appeal

While winter doesn’t want to release its chilly hold on Minnesota, the Twin Cities spring housing season is heating up. Charming older homes in Minneapolis and St. Paul have a lot of curb appeal. Often, a significant part of that charm is an ornate iron door.

Wrought Iron Doors in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Decorative wrought iron doors became popular in the early twentieth century. The homes of wealthy families along Summit Avenue in St. Paul and Mt. Curve Avenue in Minneapolis featured ornate doors that provided security and beauty to the street-facing sides of their homes. Owners of more modest homes followed suit.

Today, many historic homes in neighborhoods across the Twin Cities have decorative wrought iron doors. You can find them adorning homes in the suburbs, too. Heavy iron doors provide security in densely populated neighborhoods. But they also add a lot of beauty and character.

Upgrading a Wrought Iron Door

If you do not properly maintain your iron door, it can make your home look worn out or even a little scary. If you’re selling your home this spring and your iron door has seen better days, it’s a great time to replace it with a new door that will catch buyers’ eyes.

We craft our custom iron doors from USA-made steel for superior strength and durability. We’ll work with you to design a door that complements the design of your home and appears original to your property. Every design element of your door is hand-wrought by our experienced artisans. We can even incorporate glass into your design to add protection from the elements.

If you are putting your home on the market this spring and need to replace your wrought iron front door, now is a great time to get started on your project. Find inspiration in our gallery to get your creative juices flowing. Then, contact the Artistic Ornamental Iron team to get started.

6 reasons why you should consider upgrading your fence to an Iron fence

To quote Robert Frost, “Good fences make good neighbors.” Whether you agree with the famous poet or not, fences offer many benefits. They provide security, establish boundaries and add a nice aesthetic to your property. And while there are many types of fences such as chain link and wood, here are six reasons why you should consider upgrading your fence to an iron fence.

  1. Iron fences are strong

You can’t deny the strength of iron and you won’t find a sturdier fence than one made of iron. While they are not for people who crave privacy, iron fences are great for those who are looking for a fence to provide an added layer of security.

  1. Iron fences are durable

Along with being incredibly strong, iron fences also are amazingly durable, which is important in a climate such as that found in Minneapolis and St. Paul. You won’t have to worry about rotting or deterioration like you do with a wood fence.

One thing to keep in mind with an iron fence, however, is that they do need to be repainted from time to time because it’s the paint that protects the iron from rust. Still, a small price to pay for its durability.

  1. Iron fences are beautiful

Let’s face it; iron fences add beauty to whatever surrounding they are in and oftentimes leave a lasting impression. There is no doubt that an iron fence will add to the property value of your home.

  1. Iron fences can be custom made

Iron can be formed into many patterns and looks so when you work with an iron fence, you have total control over the look and feel. Custom-made iron fences are often the envy of the neighborhood!

  1. Iron fences are eco-friendly

Sure, wood fences are eco-friendly but did you know iron fences are, too? Not only do they last for decades, but also the material can be reused (antique and vintage stores love the iron fences and railings) as well as recycled for scrap metal.

  1. Iron fences go well with your landscaping

For homeowners who invest the time, energy and money into landscaping their yard, iron fence provide a beautiful backdrop.

If you currently have a wood or a chain link fence and want to explore upgrading your fence to iron, contact us today. We’d love to discuss the many types of iron fences we offer and the process to get started!