New Ornamental Iron Replaces Old, Unstable Iron Gate in Maple Grove

a close-up of a fence

Artistic Ornamental Iron was scheduled to give services to a homeowner in Maple Grove. The customer wanted her old iron gate replaced. Her current iron gate was rusted, and lost its stability. We went over exactly what she wanted in the iron gate design, then measured the area. The iron gate was created with our unique, handmade, and hand weld technique. We then add a three coat paint and finish, along with a rust resistance to the gate. We arrived on time to install the gate. Once we had it installed, we invited the customer to come and take a look, then give us her final opinion. The customer came out and looked intensively over the iron gate and said it looks great! We showed her how the iron gate would supply her with added protection, along with added curb appeal to her home, which would definitely increase her homes value. We asked her how she heard about our company, which she said she did a search online.When she bought her home ten years ago the previous gate had already been there, but she knew it was time that she had it replaced. She said our past customers and the iron gates that were posted on our website and that was a major factor in her decision.

We learned that the customer went back to leave us a review that said, “I am truly satisfied with the iron gate that Artistic Ornamental Iron created for my home. The gate looks beautiful. The crew arrived on time, then worked until the gate was successfully installed. The price was very within my budget. I recommend this company, because they offer amazing iron gates. Thank you.”

Artistic Ornamental Iron would like to thank you for trusting us with your iron gate and home. We also would like to thank you for leaving us such a nice review. We just wanted to let you know that we offer iron fences, iron doors, and iron railings. Contact Artistic Ornamental Iron for any of our services.

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