Minnetonka Iron Railings Surround Patio & Pool with Character

Stair stringers Minneapolis

Our customer in Minnetonka scheduled us for new iron railings around his patio and pool area. He currently had regular fencing, which was very unattractive. The team arrived to measure the area where the railings were to be installed, and to go over any special designs that the customer wanted with the iron railings. Once we had the design, our team went to work on creating the customers iron railings. We arrived promptly for the installation and immediately began to install the iron railings.

The installation process took until late afternoon, but the team worked continuously, so the railings would be installed on time. Once we had the iron railings installed, we invited the customer to take a look and give us a final approval. The customer and his wife came out and looked at the iron railings and said, “The iron railings look amazing! We can’t get over the transformation. Wow!” We asked the customers why they decided to have iron railings installed, and they said they wanted to improve the value of their home, and to add more glamour to their pool and patio, because they liked to entertain a lot. We asked the customers where they found out about Artistic Ornamental Iron, and they said they did a search online. They said they were highly impressed with the previous customer reviews, and the photos that were on our website of iron railings that we had done in the past were beautiful.

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