What is the maintenance?

Custom Iron in Minneapolis

What is the maintenance for wrought iron is a common question that we are asked. Many homeowners and business owners are very surprised to find out that there is very little maintenance that is required for their iron. We offer high quality that is unique. The maintenance that is required is a simple cleaning. A bucket of gentle dish detergent, and warm water, then a simple cleaning once a month is all it takes to maintain your wrought iron. If your wrought iron is indoors, then you can take a feather duster and dust off your wrought iron during your general house cleaning, then once a month a good washing will keep your wrought iron looking great, and lasting a lifetime.

Artistic Ornamental Iron provides the best iron products available. We thrive on offering our customers with products that will last a lifetime, and that requires very little maintenance. Our wrought iron is made from steel, then hand weld. We apply three coats of paint, so it has a beautiful finish that resist rusting, but will also be durable. Our wrought iron is so durable that it can withstand severe storms and weather. We are proud to be a third generation, family owned and operated business.  If you are interested in any wrought iron products, then contact Artistic Ornamental Iron today.

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