Wrought Iron Fence Improves Bloomington Woman’s Home

Plymouth Iron Fence Surpasses - curb appeal

Image00002 4Artistic Ornamental Iron was contacted by a young professional in Bloomington, Minnesota. This talented and intelligent person was interested in having a wrought iron fence crafted for her home. She decided on a do-it-yourself picket fence initially, but when she saw the price that it would cost just for the materials and, considering doing all the work herself, she was discouraged. She didn’t think it would work with her schedule, and after doing some searching she thought the do-it-yourself fence would not enhance her property or look particularly nice, which was something she really wanted.

Artistic Ornamental Iron specialists met with the young professional to look over the property where the wrought iron fence would be installed. The iron specialists wanted to measure the area, so an exact wrought iron fence would be created. We went over a few designs with the young lady until we all found the style that she liked a lot and was enthusiastic about.

The ironwork Bloomington homes tend to show off was started for the wrought iron fence for the young professional while she was at work. The ironwork involves a coat of galvanized zinc to protect the wrought iron fence from rusting, then the Artistic Ornamental Iron specialists add three coats of powder coat finish, so the wrought iron fence will last this hardworking young woman for many years.

The wrought iron fence was made, then installed at her home. She was thrilled on how the wrought iron fence looked and was glad that it would increase the sale value of the house if she ever wanted to move. Artistic Ornamental Iron does all the ironwork in Bloomington Minnesota. We are the experts!

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