Are there different styles of iron?

Wrought iron is a special type of iron. It means ‘worked iron’, because the metal is being worked by a hammer repeatedly to create a special design.Artistic Ornamental Iron creates all our wrought iron from steel. We hand craft every piece. We provide several different wrought iron products, which include iron gates, iron fences, iron railings, and iron balusters. Our wrought iron products are all handmade. We allow our customers to custom design products, then we turn the design into a wrought iron masterpiece.

What makes us stand apart from our competitors? Artistic Ornamental Iron only uses high quality steel, then we hand craft that steel with our hand welding process. We fine grind all of our welds, so the surface is completely smooth. We are the only wrought iron company that applies three coats of paint, along with a galvanized compound zinc, which will protect from rusting. We don’t stop there because then we bake the wrought iron. Our finished product is a beautiful piece that is durable, lasting, and nearly maintenance free. Artistic Ornamental Iron can create just about anything. Contact our team today!

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