Custom Iron in Orono, Minnesota

Custom Iron balconies are an excellent way to have your home stand out and be noticed, and to add beauty and curb appeal to your home. Residents of Orono, Minnesota can have that beauty and appeal when they contact Artistic Ornamental Iron for all their iron balconies. Artistic Ornamental Iron has been providing residents of Orono custom iron for over two decades. We know how important these qualities are for Orono residents, and we provide these qualities and more with our wrought iron services. 

Orono Iron Fences and Custom Iron Services

Artistic Ornamental Iron offers custom iron services in Orono, Minnesota, which include:

  • Fences
  • Iron Window Guards
  • Doors
  • Gates
  • Balusters
  • Railings

We use only the finest products with all of our iron services. Our techs finely grind all welds, so we can provide a smooth surface and finish for all of our quality iron products.

Orono, Minnesota

Orono, Minnesota is known as the Lakeshore City. This charming city has a population of 7,437. The city was named after a town in Maine. The city was founded in 1889, then was incorporated in 1955. Orono has more lakeshore than many other cities in Minnesota, which is perfect when you want to go to the beach. The beaches to choose from in Orono include Casco Beach, Lake Independence Beach, Lydiard Beach, Lake Minnetonka Regional Park Beach, and Mound Bay Park Beach. If you are visiting Orono, then you can get a suntan, go swimming, have a picnic, or go boating.

When you want to relax and enjoy a casual meal, then you can stop by Bayside Grille in Orono. Bayside Grille offers dining indoors or outdoors on the patio. They offer lunch and dinner, and breakfast on the weekend. You can even enjoy live music on the weekends and enjoy watching the sunset too. Orono, Minnesota is a small, charming town that offers many exciting things to see and do.

Artistic Ornamental Iron is the Orono, Minnesota iron service specialist provider. We are a family owned and operated business that has provided over twenty years of superior iron products and services for Orono, Minnesota residents. If you would like to add beauty, safety, and security to your home or business, then contact Artistic Ornamental Iron today, and we will schedule a no-obligation consultation. All iron products are made here in Minnesota. Our employees are highly experienced, qualified and trained to provide the highest quality iron balconies and iron products, so contact us today!

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