Can I paint, stain or seal my iron product?

Yes, you can paint, stain and seal your iron product. Before you do this,  you will want to sand off the current paint and rust, then use a wire brush to remove any debris, dirt, and oil, then you will need to prime the wrought iron. If you want to seal the iron product you should also remove any dirt or debris. There are a lot of steps involved in painting, sealing or staining iron products; it isn’t something you can just do without doing the prep work first.

Artistic Ornamental Iron wrought iron products doesn’t need to be painted, sealed or stained. Our products go through an amazing process, so our customers don’t have to worry about all these added maintenance. Our products are acid washed, which is important, because it will remove any oil or debris from the wrought iron. Once the acid washed has completely dried, then we apply a coat of galvanized compound zinc, which is a rust protector. This will keep the wrought iron from rusting. We then add three coats of paint, then bake the wrought iron, so the wrought iron is smooth, beautiful and long-lasting. Our customers just need to clean their wrought iron to keep it looking beautiful. Our customers don’t have to worry about staining, painting or sealing any of our wrought iron products. Artistic Ornamental Iron is the leader in wrought iron. Contact us today for all your wrought iron needs.

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