Bloomington Installs Iron Baluster for Safety and Appeal

Minnetonka Stair Rails Needed for Outdoor Safety

A family with several children were getting ready to move to a new house in Bloomington. The parents decided that before they moved into their new house they would install a iron baluster. Bloomington neighbors would be impressed with rather than keep the old wooden handrail that was in the home. The parents thought about it for a while, and the old wooden handrail wasn’t stable and safe. The parents feared that their active children would hang and play on the wood handrails, and would eventually pull them from the wall, and cause a very dangerous accident. This was one of the main reasons that the couple decided to switch balusters, and iron balusters looked more attractive, and when and if they ever decided to sell their home the iron balusters would be a better feature, so they contacted Artistic Ornamental Iron.

Artistic Ornamental Iron informed the couple that our iron balusters are custom handmade to order. We can create and design any type of iron balusters for our customers. Many of our customers add a unique twist or scroll, which sets the balusters apart. Once the couple heard all the features and options that Artistic Ornamental Iron offered they were convinced that they had to have iron baluster Bloomington homeowners could appreciate. Just a month later the balusters were made and installed. They look amazing, and so much better than the wood handrails, and they don’t have to worry about their kid’s safety. Artistic Ornamental Iron is the baluster Bloomington specialists.

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