Beautiful Iron Baluster in Eden Prairie Installed After Referral

We were scheduled to create and install an iron baluster for a homeowner in Eden Prairie. The homeowner wanted a scroll baluster at her home to replace the wooden one she had. Our crew arrived to measure the area then went over the design that the customer wanted with her baluster. After we had what we needed to create the baluster, our qualified team created the baluster. We used a hand forged, and hammered technique, then applied a special three coat finish to the baluster. Our workers arrived on the day scheduled to install the baluster. Once it had been installed, we asked the homeowner to look at it to make sure she was pleased on how the baluster had turned out. She said, “wow, it looks beautiful.” We asked the customer why she decided to go with an iron baluster, and she said her coworker had us create one for her home and it looked so good that she had to have one done for her home, as well. We received a card from the customer two weeks later that said, “I wanted to thank you for doing such an amazing job on my baluster. Every time I look at it I am still in awe, because it is just beautiful. The entire Artistic Ornamental Iron team did an excellent job. I can’t thank you enough.” For Eden Prairie’s best iron baluster company, click here!

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