What is the average lifespan of an iron railing, iron door, iron gate, iron fence, and iron baluster?

At Artistic Ornamental Iron, we use quality products and superior craftsmanship, so we can ensure that our iron railings, iron doors, iron gates, iron fences,and iron balusters will have the lifespan of a lifetime. Our iron products will maintain their original shape and beautiful appearance for a homeowner. We are proud that we fully weld every wrought iron product. We don’t stop there, because after we fully weld the piece we acid wash it to remove any oil or debris, then we allow the piece to fully dry. Once the piece is dried, we apply a coat of galvanized compound zinc. This is applied, so the product is rust-resistant. Afterwards, we then apply three coats of paint, then we bake the product in our oven, so all products come out in a smooth and beautiful finish that will last a lifetime, and stay durable.

Artistic Ornamental Iron is a third generation, family-owned, and operated business. Our wrought iron tradition has been passed down generation to generation. We pride ourselves on delivering custom designed wrought iron products that will enhance a home’s beauty, and last a lifetime. We are dedicated to pleasing our customers with our amazing wrought iron products. Not many companies can say that their wrought iron is hand crafted and hand weld like Artistic Ornamental Iron can. Contact us today, and let us design your wrought iron products. Click here for additional information on our ornamental iron products.

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