Iron Door Adds Security for Minnetonka Business

Artistic Ornamental Iron was scheduled to give service to a customer in Minnetonka. The customer owns a business in Minnetonka and he wanted to add an iron door to the business. The iron door would provide added security for the business, along with style and sophistication. Our crew went out to measure the door and frame, then began to custom make the iron door. Once the door was created, our team returned to the business to install it. When we were done, we asked our customer to look it over. He said the door looked great.

For added protection, with a unique, attractive appearance, an iron door was the perfect solution. He said he called us, and we offered a custom door along with the materials being made from American parts. Since our price was affordable, he hired us. The customer returned online and left us feedback a week later that said, “I wanted to thank the Artistic Ornamental Iron for doing such a wonderful job with my iron door. It looks wonderful, and provides the security I wanted for my business.”

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